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The Canton Spirituals

An award-winning gospel group out of Canton, Mississippi who pioneered mixing traditional gospel with modern R&B and urban elements, the Canton Spirituals were formed in 1943 by Harvey Watkins, Sr.

In 1993, after recording eight albums for J & B, the Canton Spirituals signed with Blackberry Records. Their Blackberry release, Live in Memphis, featured several of their past hits, such as Mississippi Po’ Boy, Ride This Train and I’m Coming Lord. The album was a smash success, sold close to a half million copies, spent 169 weeks on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart, earned a Grammy nomination and spawned a follow-up, Live in Memphis II (1995).

Harvey Lee Watkins Sr. died of cancer on November 16, 1994, and Second Street in Canton was renamed Harvey Watkins Sr. Street in his memory. That same year, the Mississippi Gospel Music Awards bestowed the longtime Canton Spirituals member with its Legend Award.
A decade later, the Canton Spirituals were making albums for Verity, which featured cameos by top-shelf quartet men, such as Paul Porter, Stan Jones, Bishop Neal Roberson and Lee Williams.
The group earned two Stellar Awards in 1997: Best Group/Duo of the Year and Traditional Group of the Year for the Living the Dream: Live in Washington, DC album. The following year, the group was named Quartet of the Year and Artist of the Year at the American Gospel Quartet Awards.

Led by Harvey Watkins Jr., the Canton Spirituals continue to tour and record, with Billy Voss, David Curry, Merlin Lucious, Shannon Lee, Rodrick Jones, Josh Myles, and Antoine Porter Sr. as the personnel. Malaco released the quartet’s latest full-length album, Keep Knocking (2013), with the title track and Your Life’s About to Change as singles.

The Jackson Southernaires

The Jackson Southernaires have a long history of musical training and awards that have made them one of the best gospel groups in Mississippi. This group contains three members: Huey Williams, Maurice Surrell, and James Burks. Another key member of this group, Franklin Williams, the brother of Huey Williams, died of heart disease in March of 1993

In 1940, the Jackson Southernaires were organized by Frank Crisler in Jackson, Mississippi. The Jackson Southernaires began much the same way as the Mississippi Blind Boys. They began singing at an early age and did a lot of performing around their hometown. The Jackson Southernaires was the first gospel group to use bass, drums, keyboard and guitar in Mississippi.

The Jackson Southernaires have signed many recording contracts during their singing career. They signed their first contract with Duke/Peacock Records in 1963. Too Late was one of the top recording albums on this label. Later on, the Jackson Southernaires signed a contract with the ABC/Dunhill Label. Save My Child and Look Around were the top two albums on this record label in 1972-75. In 1975 the Jackson Southernaires signed a recording contract with Malaco Records. Every album that was released by this record label reached national acclaim. In 1989 they released an album On The Third Day, which was one of their best albums (http://malaco.com/gospel/tjs).

The Jackson Southernaires had their own radio show for forty-three years, and they also hosted their own television show called Gospel Unlimited. The Jackson Southernaires were nominated for the Stellar Award in 1985 and 1986 and finally won the award in 1989. The Jackson Southernaires received a Grammy nomination for Thank You Mama in 1991.

In conclusion, the Jackson Southernaires have had a long and prosperous career. They believe without God they cannot make it, but with God on their side they will be a success. Huey Williams, the leader of this group, says on the liner of one of their albums, “God has allowed the Jackson Southernaires to sow seeds across America and abroad.

Bishop Neal Roberson

Bishop Neal Roberson is one of the many impressionable Men of God of the new millennium, but an individual in his own right. A passionate orator and biblical teacher who desires to be a living epistle glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ both in word and in deed. He’s praised for his inventive presentations in music, and respected for his down-to-earth persona.

Bishop Roberson is the distinguished Pastor of Church of The Harvest International (COTHI) in the Great City of Flint, Michigan.

Overcoming the lures of the streets he accepted his call to ministry in June of 1990 under the mentorship of Pastor L.W. Bolton Jr. It was at the Greater New Birth Church in 1995 where Bishop Roberson was ordained into the gospel ministry by Bishop R. J. Burt in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bishop Roberson believes that the challenge that God set forth through his apostle Paul to “study to show thyself approved” is a standard that must be taken seriously. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and his Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Faith Evangelical College and Seminary. Bishop Roberson also received his Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools of Jacksonville, Florida.

In addition to his preaching ministry, Bishop Roberson is also an accomplished musician, and Gospel Recording Artist who was previously on the Blackberry Records Label. He has recently signed with the Malaco Music Group. The Bishop also wears the hat of the label owner of Broken Chains Entertainment Music Group. This multi-talented and faceted artist has released many projects on both the Blackberry and Broken Chains Entertainment label.

One of the most cherished blessings in Bishop Roberson’s life is his family. He realizes that to have a family that encourages him, supports him and participates in ministry is a gift that must not be taken for granted. He is married to his friend, confidant, and helpmate Elder Rhonda Roberson who is a woman of Faith. They have been married for thirty plus years. He is a proud husband, father and grandfather.

Bishop Roberson willingly accepts the challenge of ministry in this new millennium.

Patrick Hollis & United

Patrick Hollis was born and raised in Evergreen, Ms., a little town which is located just a few miles outside of Tupelo. He started singing at the young age of 3 years old and music soon became one of his greatest passions.

Patrick spent his early years playing in and around Tupelo where he began to be noticed by several of the big names in gospel music. In the early 2000's Patrick began to sing and play drums for one of gospel's biggest groups, Lee Williams & the Spiritual Q.C.'s. With the Spiritual QC's Patrick not only helped to strengthen the group, he also quickly developed into a dynamic performer as he began to lead several songs for the group. As time went by and Patrick's talents became more and more apparent, Lee Williams took a special interest in Patrick's career, becoming his mentor and biggest supporter.

In the year 2013, Lee Williams had a vision for Patrick to do his own CD. Patrick said he told Mr. Williams that he had not thought about doing his own CD and that he intended to stay on with the group and with Mr. Williams. But, being that he had such a strong belief in Patrick, Mr. Williams told him "people need to hear more of you because i taught you well and you can do it". Out of Lee Williams' vision Patrick Hollis & UNITED was formed and their first CD was recorded. Shortly after that Patrick and the group found their way to Ecko Records where they found a home and signed their first recording deal. In May of 2015, the album was released on Ecko Records. The release of the CD, "New Season" was the fulfillment of Lee Williams' dream for his talented protégé and was another blessing from the man that had so much faith in Patrick and who caused a dream to come true.

"New Season's" instant success made it clear that a new superstar had arrived on the gospel quartet scene. The years of being under the guidance and training of Lee Williams had obviously paid off and helped Patrick to develop into a great singer who was passionate about the Lord. Radio programmers across the country began to add songs from the album. Many of the songs received heavy rotation on the air including "Nobody's Fault" and "Joy of My Life".

The Group members of Patrick Hollis and United are: Patrick Hollis, Jimmy Burton, Tim White, and Kelvin Mcjukins. All members of the group are dedicated young men who love God with everything they have. And, although they may still be relatively young men by quartet standards, they are all seasoned professionals with years of experience singing for audiences and spreading God's word through their ministry. Patrick Hollis and United move the crowd and deliver a powerful service every time they perform, and with their second album on the way and due out shortly, they are just getting started!

Tim White & Refocused

Tim White and Refocused is a gospel music group from Chicago, IL that is comprised of five amazingly gifted men. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and divine connection, the group was formed in April 2019 and has already begun to make an imprint in Chicago’s gospel music history!

Tim White and Refocused has appeared all over the Chicagoland area and has shared the stage with world renowned artists such as The Williams Brothers, Chicago Mass Choir, The Williams Singers and many more! They have even reached across state lines to minister in Indiana, Arkansas and Tennessee. One of their most notable appearances includes their debut on a national platform in March 2020 at The Exclesia Convention that exposed them to the quartet world.

 On April 17, 2020, they released their first EP with a hit song “How I Made It” that was written and produced by one of their own members’, James Anderson, which charted in top 100 of digital download and streaming on iTunes. The Songs were on to release of their freshman album in August 2020, which was distributed through Band Geek Music Group LLC. It features a unique sound and is the perfect mix of worship & praise and contemporary; premiering quartet at its best.